AKPF #1: Robin Hood’s Direct Action Panel 3/3

This week’s AKPF #1 installment is the third of three parts of Robin Hood’s Direct Action akpf_patrioticPanel from the 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum. This never before seen edit of the panel includes b-roll embedded to better illustrate the scenes as painted by the panelists. This footage will air on Cheshire TV at 7:00pm on March 31, as per the usual AKPF #1 timeslot.

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Crime Dog McGruff Featured in Illustrated AKPF Video

The issue of parking and its enforcement in downtown Keene occupied much of the final akpfsafety-tips-from-mcgruff-the-crime-doghour during yesterday’s weekly episode of SoundOff on WKBK radio. Hosts Greg Pregent and Chris Cotes were joined by Keene Sentinel correspondent Kyle Jarvis. One of the calls in to the show was placed by none other than city code enforcement officer Fred Parsells, who has previously moonlighted for the federal Toilet Safety Administration and has also operated as a chalk removal agent for the AKPF. Hear the entirety of the parking analysis as posted in audio format to Free Keene.

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AKPF Rate Hikes Raised on Local Radio

logowkbk1290Towards the end of last week’s Saturday morning episode of the live local call-in radio program SoundOff, a listener raised the issue of Keene parking rate and fine increases. The caller expressed discontent that parking would become more expensive and from his perspective, the rate hikes were enough to disincentivize him from choosing to frequent downtown businesses. The necessity of the rate hike is kicked around for several minutes by host Chris Cotes and guest host Dale Pregent, and the efforts of Robin Hood of Keene are mentioned in passing. Towards the end of the segment, Dale makes an underhanded comment about the parking enforcers, referring to one of the workers as a ‘parking maid’ while suggesting that there previously had been allegations of harassment of city employees by city officials. The audio has been specially set to b-roll footage of the AKPF van occupying various parking spaces throughout the city.

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AKPF #1: Aqua Konflict People’s Fun

beeswaxfloating-duckcandle-01Another exemplary installment of the AKPF #1 series this week features more quality content from the 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum. Opening with a well produced interview compilation captured by recent Chicago-area transplant Rob Mathias, we get insight into the passions and motivations of various activists around New Hampshire and beyond. The segment is followed up by a freshly cut edition of the Nashua duck vigil held on the morning of Sunday, February 23. Finishing out the show are excerpts from a public declaration by Garret Ean at the DPRK Central sub-Committee hearing on a proposal to increase AKPF rates, fees, and fines by hefty portions. Another locally produced CheshireTV program, Black Sheep Rising, discusses the increase proposals, as well as reactive response in a portion of their most recent episode.

1. 00:10 Declaration of the people (Liberty Forum compilation)
2. 15:46 Nashua Lost Ducks Candlelight Vigil Memorial Service
3. 27:20 Questioning the parking commissioner on proposed increases against DPRK civilians (taxation/penalization/criminalization/victimization)

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DPRK Parking Reforms on Black Sheep Rising #44

On the most recently released episode of the the after-hours local access program Black Sheep Rising, changes to the schedules of parking fees and fines for the city of Keene were addressed in the first hour. Extracted for the AKPF audience and published to the Aqua Keene channel, in this under five minute segment, viewers learn of proposed changes to boost short term rates by fifty percent. The figures were inaccurately represented in the initial broadcast as not having been divisible except via quarter dollars, but this specially edited excerpt corrects the mathematical errors. To see the full episode, check out the uncensored installment at BlackSheepRising.com.

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Robin Hood Evidentiary Hearing Record Restored

Shortly after the conclusion of the three day Robin Hood of Keene evidentiary hearing,cdaudiocourtrh1425 which led to the dismissal of civil lawsuits against the Merry People, nearly complete video records of the hearings were posted online to Fr33manTVraw and the FreeKeene youtube channel. Unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction midway through day two of proceedings, approximately sixteen minutes of direct examination of a witness was excluded from publication.

To restore the public record, the Merry People have obtained an audio record of the entire hearing from the court. The corrupted file was re-edited with audio from the missing segment affixed in the proper location and inserted into the raw video playlist. Enjoy the now complete record of the Robin Hood of Keene civil trial, which was performed on August 12, September 30, and October 01 of 2013, and currently awaits appeal to the NH supreme court.

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Robin Hood Opposition Distributes Second Pro-State Proclamation

For the second Monday in three weeks, anti-Robin Hood proponents have issued a 2014_03_17_rhoodflier1denunciatory printout, distributing the flier to car windshields around the downtown portions of Keene. This week’s flier is less profane than the last, which included the ‘f’ word uncensored. Perhaps in response to negative feedback, the flier now bowdlerizes the language with asterisks and includes seldom accurate information listed sequentially following pronouncements declaring the content, ‘Fact’.

One goal of the flier’s author seems to be consciousness raising directed at the home address of myself and at least one other Free Keene blogger. I can’t imagine too many of the recipients of the flier will be delighted to read what amounts to a distasteful rant posturing as though it were a serious critique of community activists. In all honesty, could one ask for a more useful opposition?

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