Two Arrests Made in War on Chalk

by Garret Ean
Nov 14 2010

A peaceful protest was the scene of two arrests for criminal use of sidewalk chalk. On November 13, two NH activists were detained and then each released with $125 threatening notes. Is sidewalk chalking actually illegal, or is this another instance of authorities creating the law on the spot for their own convenience?

A federal employee, Officer Thompson (Thomson?) was the initiator of aggression, but he was quickly joined by a Concord Police officer who awaited in the locked office building. A third aggressor, who may work for a privately contracted security agency, also assisted in legal kidnappings.

Video from on the scene:

Update Nov. 29 1010 – Censorship Alert! – Youtube has removed the video, presumably because one of the aggressors in the video did not want you to see it. Free Speech, Officer Secret. Here’s the original video now hosted by

[ ?posts_id=4463067&dest=-1]

More information on this internet censorship will be posted as it becomes available.


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17 Responses to Two Arrests Made in War on Chalk

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  3. name says:

    Chalking a government/federal buildings is vandalism

    • iawai says:

      If you really think that this is an offense which requires the initiation of force, why are you not clamoring for the detention of Sophia for drawing castles?

      What is the difference between chalking the “public sidewalk” in front of you home, or on a campus, or in front of a business, and the “public sidewalk” of a gov’t lair?

      Vandalism requires the intent to permanently damage property – Chalking is widely accepted as a means of speech, and has no lasting effects. Rain or a hose will remove those truthful messages which you can’t stand reading.

  4. TalleyTV says:

    Good coverage and video, Garret. I hear that Keene activists may join Concord and Grafton activists next month at the Federal Building.

  5. TalleyTV says:

    I love the “War on Chalk” angle and I’ll be borrowing it.

  6. I understand your “fight”, but why blatantly break laws to prove a point. I can’t help to feel that the people behind such demonstrations need to read our Constitution that clearly states freedom to peaceably assemble. While “sidewalk chulk” may be non-violent, it is still vandalism when done on state or private property without permission. Thus said goup is no longer exercising their 1st admendment right, they are simply vandalising property. We have fought for our freedom of speech, but please do so without harming others or their property.

    • there are worlds of differences between public (stolen) property and private property. The federal building is owned by the people of the United States of America and some of the people who were using chalk are called, by the government of the US, citizens (owners). I have just as much right to chalk the sidewalk as you do to stand there with a hose as I’m doing it and spray it off.

      You don’t need permission to use chalk on your own driveway because of your ownership of it. You don’t need permission to use chalk on areas that you own, including that of those who call themselves the government.

      There is no law against chalking on the sidewalk. The people were arrested for disobeying a police officer. You know, the catch all law that allows for police to arrest anyone for anything at any time. If you want to talk constitutionality, let’s talk about how these thugs have jobs in the first place (ie- unconstitutional).

      The chalkers proved the point that government is indeed force, with a little help from some gang members calling themselves authorities. I was there, and I witnessed a man harm a young man for using chalk and then stand there ready to cry over the injustice he caused others. He knew he was wrong to use force on others.

      In the end, if you don’t want to see government buildings chalked up, you best inform your government to shut them down and sell them to a private entity. You wouldn’t see this action on private property.

      “everything the state has was stolen, everything it says is a lie”

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  8. Evan says:

    Phil Thompson is the name of the officer who didn’t arrest me.

    Houghton is the last name of the officer who did. I don’t remember his first.

    Erik or Eric Dreiter is the name of the security guard that assisted in my arrest.

    I had some nice conversations with all three of them during my captivity. Phil liked to make threats. Eric wanted to keep our conversation strictly “professional” and refused to talk about the morality of what he was doing. Houghton let me have some water after Phil refused and even put a band-aid on the scrape he caused.

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  10. Richard Merriam says:

    The primary function of Officers Thompson and Dreiter is to enforce Title 18 of the Federal code.
    I once worked for the private security company that was on duty at the Federal building in the video.
    There was no excessive force used, no one was kidnapped, and no one was held hostage. If the people in the video had complied with the Officers requests, none of this would have transpired.

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