Bird Supporters Gather for First Day of Legislative Proceedings

by Garret Ean
Jan 5 2011

Wednesday morning marked the first gathering of the house of representatives this session, who were greeted by supporters of imprisoned Moultonborough resident Ward Bird. Despite there being very little evidence in the case, a controversial guilty finding and subsequent mandatory minimum sentence sent Bird to the NH State Prison for allegedly demanding an intruder leave his property. The charge related to the 2006 incident is “criminal threatening”.

Family and friends coming to the defense of Bird have motivated Gov. John Lynch to expedite the process for a potential pardon. A hearing with the executive council is expected in the near future.

Bird is currently being held at the Carroll County Department of Corrections. More details and updates can be found at

Video from the scene has been uploaded by FreeFringeFighter:

Photos courtesy of


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One Response to Bird Supporters Gather for First Day of Legislative Proceedings

  1. Bob Constantine says:

    Thanks for covering this Garrett. I wonder if the folks at the free ward bird website would link to this? I’ve posted a couple of comments there regarding as an informed jury would never have convicted him.

    Keep up the good work!

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