NH VJ Bill Alleman Arrested by Weare PD on “Illegal Recording” Warrant

by Garret Ean
Feb 22 2011

New Hampshire  video journalist Bill Alleman, known to many as Biker Bill of adventuresinthefreestate.com, was arrested earlier today on a warrant for criminal recording, presumably in violation of the ambiguous NH wiretapping statute. The Porcupine411 call left by Bill’s wife is linked below.


Weare PD has been the on the public radar for their questionable use of force against subjects filming their conduct, which we have covered in the past. If you would like to contact Weare PD, their business line is (603) 529-7755.

UPDATE: Bill has been released, and is being charged with a class B felony over recording police during an incident that occurred last year. His mandatory court appearance is scheduled for April 5.

Feb 23: A Chip-In for Biker Bill’s defense is now up:


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12 Responses to NH VJ Bill Alleman Arrested by Weare PD on “Illegal Recording” Warrant

  1. Bob Constantine says:

    Thanks for putting this out there so quickly. Hopefully Bill is okay.

  2. It’s notable that this arrest is coming just weeks after Bill video taped the House Committee session on de-criminalizing this kind of recording and added commentary to the posted videos. It seems to me he’s being targeted for engaging in the political process.

  3. From watching RR, I have come to the conclusion that the prosecutors in Keene (and the surrounding areas) will prosecute ANYTHING that is written in the law, no matter how unpopular or plain wrong. I find it sickenning. Most prosecutors use common sense and won’t prosecute petty laws, but in Keene (maybe NH, in general) there is a much different – meaning immoral – philosophy in-play. It’s disgusting. Anyone with any sense would acquit him, regardless of “the law”, I can’t wait for the jury trial. Kick some ass, Biker Bill.

  4. Anon says:

    For now this page is the best place to get up to date info about the situation:


  5. Mark Jackson says:


    I have some experience in court which may be beneficial, if you’d like to chat. Shoot me an email. I don’t have a ton of time, given the amount of cases that I am involved with, but would love to see liberty prevail here.

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  7. Matt says:

    Everyone ought to have this app on their smart phone:

  8. JdL says:

    What form of communication will be required for government thugs to understand that persecution of people like Mr. Alleman is NOT acceptable?

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