Different Perspectives on the Medicinal Cannabis Hearing

by Garret Ean
March 17, 2011

Yesterday the full house voted 221-96 to pass HB442, which would establish medicinal cannabis dispensaries in the state of New Hampshire. The conservatively written bill was met with opposition from law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office, but found support from legislators and senators on both sides of the aisle as well as patients who have benefitted from medicinal cannabis.

For two mornings prior to the vote by the full house on HB442, a small group of supporters greeted legislators as they entered the state house, holding signs in support of the rights of patients.

The hearing was covered by at least three independent journalists: Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report, Bill Alleman of adventuresinthefreestate.com, and myself for FreeConcord.

Bill’s coverage includes video footage of the entire testimony:


Ridley’s Ridleo from the hearing:


My video coverage, including an interview with the Enfield Chief of Police who opposed the bill.


Possibly the most powerful testimony of the day came from Clayton Holton, as filmed by Biker Bill:



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2 Responses to Different Perspectives on the Medicinal Cannabis Hearing

  1. BufflaoJump says:

    Why haven’t you collected signatures to put it on the ballot? We did in Montana and won by 63% of the vote. We get what we’re handed if we don’t know enough to stand up to these people who “think “for us. They are not Gods, they are men and women. If they’re not doing the job for the people get rid of them!

  2. Sean Gravel says:

    It really is a wake up call to see how easily people of higher autority in this country are so quick to dismiss medicinal cannabis with such little knowledge on what the bills and medical qualitys of the product are really all about. Marijuana has been turned into a boogie man and the fact that people are raised with this reefer madness kind of mentality which they become so involved in is one giant regressive step away from what this country really needs.

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