Bradley Manning Action Weekend Chalking

by Garret Ean
April 9, 2011

The Bradley Manning Support Network called on all artists and organizers to raise consciousness about Bradley’s case before he faces trial. For those who don’t know, Bradley Manning is the US Army soldier who leaked evidence of war crimes to Wikileaks, including the infamous “Collateral Murder” video which shows unarmed journalists and those who try to rescue them being slaughtered by Apache helicopter gunfire. Bradley is being held under conditions which violate a number of international standards as well as the military’s own code. His severe isolation treatment would qualify as torture in many nations.

Today I biked downtown with a box of chalk and a charged camera, taking pictures of the places where I left messages in support of Manning. At the library, I encountered some resistance, and kept a video log throughout the day of activities there.


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One Response to Bradley Manning Action Weekend Chalking

  1. I really like the upside down one.
    I agree that we can’t just let the guy disappear into the system.

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