Prohibitionist Prosecutor Refuses Information From Disabled Veteran

by Garret Ean
April 15, 2011

At Thursday’s Senate committee hearing on the medicinal cannabis bill HB442, patients, doctors, and other supporters spoke in favor of the tightly crafted legislation which would establish three cannabis dispensaries in New Hampshire. Speaking in opposition were some law enforcement officers as well as a drug prosecutor from the attorney general’s office.

When I attempted to question Attorney Echol about her testimony, I was given the silent treatment. Shortly before that, David Woody, a patient eligible for but unable to legally obtain medicinal cannabis, had given the prosecutor a packet of information on medicinal cannabis as well as information on his own medical history. While Mr. Woody was testifying, Ms. Echol put the packet of information back on his chair and left the room. It is sad to see someone so entrenched in their own way of thinking that they are not able to entertain someone else’s point of view even momentarily. It is all the more sad that Mr. Woody lives with physical pain in a state that will not allow him the best medicinal method of relief, while Ms. Echol continues her prohibitionist campaign using his tax dollars.

The following video shows my attempt to interview Ms. Echol as well as Mr. Woody’s story.

The full Senate committee hearing was covered by videojournalist Biker Bill. Ms. Echol’s testimony begins at 0:34:55, and Mr. Woody’s begins at 0:47:15.


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One Response to Prohibitionist Prosecutor Refuses Information From Disabled Veteran

  1. David Brown says:

    I like what your doing Garret, public attention to what matters. Best Regards, David

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