First FreeConcord Litter Pickup 4/20

With the snow gone and spring kicking into gear, Concord could use a good a sanitizing. As Spring and Self-Ownership are to be celebrated Wednesday at this year’s 420 celebration, Free Concord will be hosting its first Litter Pickup of the year.

At 2:00pm, join us in front of the State House to do some litter removal before people begin to gather for the rally at 4:20pm. As the event begins to wind down, we’ll be going out for a second round of trash removal.

Activists in support of ending the war on drugs will be congregating from all around the state, and it will be a great time to meet like minds and express one’s self. Bring chalk, cameras, musical instruments, or anything else you’d like to peacefully contribute to the environment.

Free Concord will supply garbage bags and gloves for those taking part in the litter pickup, though any contribution of supplies is appreciated.


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One Response to First FreeConcord Litter Pickup 4/20

  1. Land Stakes says:

    When you say, ‘first Litter Pickup of the year.’ it sounds like you will be having more than one such event per year… that simply AWEsome! …most towns only have one.

    Never let anyone stop you from imagining a clean environment.

    Health is a result of environmental signals to your DNA.

    Every time you make a good choice against litter, positive chemical reactions happen instantly in your body & brain that make you more

    healthy and alive.

    In other words… Picking Up Litter = Free Drugs created by your brain.

    Future generations will not tolerate litter.

    Feel free to contact me if you want a free link from my website.

    In hope of Peace & Synergy & Holo Pono

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