Historic 4/20 Celebration Draws 250+

by Garret Ean
April 21, 2011

The 2011 4/20 Celebration in front of the State House this past Wednesday brought out an estimated 250+ freedom-loving individuals. The day began with a small litter pickup at 2pm, as attendees began arriving after 3:00. People held signs and chalked leading up to the movement toward the State House steps at 4:20. After bullhorn speeches during which some attendees smoked what could have been cannabis, the call came from one attendee to make sure that the representatives could hear what we had to say. This drew many to enter the building, and it wasn’t long before everyone was congregated in the lobby.

Inside the large room, the Peaceful Assembly Choir of Grafton began caroling with the audience and were then led by Bob Constantine, aka Weeda Claus, up to the Governor’s office…though just late in having caught Mr. Lynch before he exited. John Lynch was solely responsible for killing last political session’s medicinal cannabis law. The senate came within two votes of overriding Lynch’s veto, and this year it is unlikely that the senate will be as strongly in support.

Once outside, there were more talks, and sharing of food and smoke, and slowly the crowd withered away. There were no arrests despite early threats by security over chalk. An environment was created in the lap of the legislature as had probably never existed before. There were at times more independent journalists filming and photographing than one could keep track of.

FreeConcord videos will be posted below as they are completed.

Media Roundup:

Biker Bill’s coverage, with two videos:

Talley.tv coverage of chalking before 4:20pm:

Talley.tv coverage of The Times They Are A Changin’ 420 performance:

Talley.tv coverage of singing in the state house lobby, three videos of song:

Talley.tv coverage of Ian Freeman’s speech on not accepting guilty plea deals.

Photos by Rob Nair:


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3 Responses to Historic 4/20 Celebration Draws 250+

  1. sean gravel says:

    awesome rally man. what grewat atmosphere. hopefully one day the beuricrats will understand we’re not all okay with being denied our right to self ownership!

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