Weare Police buy Activists Pizza, but Refuse Questions

by Garret Ean
April 28, 2011

Approximately 30 activists from around New Hampshire began gathering in front of the Weare Police Department on Wednesday at 3:00pm seeking answers to questions that the department has evaded for over a year. Weare Police have arrested at least three videographers  for the crime of documenting the actions of public officials.

The Weare Police Department was closed for the day, with a sign on the door directing those seeking police services to call a local phone number. When one attendee tried to call to prompt someone from the police department to meet with accountability activists, he was given evasive answers as to whether anyone would be coming and was repeatedly hung up on.

A vast food spread was shared among those present, including some potentially illegal use of caveman technology. A sign in front of the police station directing individuals to get permission from authorities to utilize fire did not deter the grilling of pineapples.

Apparently, fire permits are not required.

20-30 minutes before the crowd dissipated, a man in plain clothes driving a pickup truck parked his vehicle and had with him four pizzas. They were delivered to the person who had tried calling Weare Police to respond to no avail, who asked if the pizzas had been paid for. The man responded that they had been, and left.

Stopping at the pizza-providing restaurant later that day, activists learned from employees there that the pizzas were ordered by a Lieutenant at the Weare PD. They were not delivered by an employee of the eatery, but by a friend of the officer who had placed the order.

The strange message which the Lieutenant requested the pizzeria put on each of the four bacon pizza boxes read, “Porky Pig Special”, and below, “Compliments of your Friends @ Weare PD”.

While pizzas are always fun, activists would have preferred answers to their questions.

A few employees of the Weare Fire Department showed their professionalism as they left work by sticking their middle fingers out at activists as they drove by. At least one camera has the footage of this captured, and it should be appearing shortly. As a show of peace, flowers were left at the front door of the station.

Flowers mark the arrival of Spring at Weare Police Department.

This video report from Biker Bill gives a brief overview of the event.

This video is part of broader coverage featured at:

4/29/2011 – This video featuring interviews from the scene just appeared from governmentoversite.com.


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