CPD Officer Joins the Chalking Fun at Rock ‘N Race

by Garret Ean
May 20, 2011

Yesterday was Concord’s annual Rock ‘N Race, a 5k which draws thousands of participants and spectators to the state house grounds. Preliminary estimates place the number of runners and walkers at nearly 6,000, having raised just under $250,000 for the Concord Hospital’s Payson Center for Cancer Care. The event’s official page is rocknrace.org.

Being a participant myself, I had to spend some time catching my breath and hydrating before I could retrieve my camera and get to capturing my surroundings. Before the race started, the ground had been drying from an afternoon rain, which provided a few spots to decorate with chalk. The finish line was nicely adorned with FreeConcord.org messages as well as other motivational notes done by those with whom chalk was shared.

After some post race eating and mingling, I continued chalking around the dried pavement. While doing a Free Bradley Manning chalking, a Concord police officer asked me if he could have a piece of chalk. I obliged, and he expressed himself in orange. This would have been nice to have captured on film, but I was busy with my own chalking at the time and pleasantly surprised that an officer would participate in colorful calligraphy.

The Concord police officer's chalking at the 2011 Rock 'N Race.

After more chalking around the complex, I had a brief conversation with another officer about Bradley Manning, whose name he did not initially recognize. When I tried to ask a group of officers on camera about the right of individuals to record the police, I received no comment. Granted, this is a positive step up from days ago being told that this same behavior was a felony.

Congratulations to this year’s winner, Craig Brown, 20, of Manchester, who completed the course in 15:09. Footage from the festivities:


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