DC Authorities Assert Their Power at Jefferson Memorial

by Garret Ean
May 28, 2011

The shrine built for Jefferson by the state.

Live streaming video from the Jefferson Memorial shows a scheduled dance protest being violently shut down by a bullying band of Washington, DC enforcers. Seconds into the video, you can see Adam Kokesh being slammed to the ground in the background by the descending guards. It is ironic how Jefferson might respond if he could only view what federal authority is being used for over two hundred years after his time.

Journalists are forcibly removed shortly after the wave of dancing arrests. Police send out their own operative to menacingly film observers. The monument is then closed off completely to all visitors and tourists. Federal authorities created a more boisterous disturbance than any amount that a few dancers silently gyrating could have.


7:00pm: A second high quality video has appeared from Adam Kokesh’s youtube channel. It shows an officer’s vague warning to the attendees before anything starts and the arbitrary first arrest which led to many more. At 5:18, an officer directing a group of tourists away from the steps of the memorial says to the crowd, “Everyone have a permit for the videos?”


6/1/11 – The actions of one officer in this additional video from the scene show at 3:45 the silliness of tyranny. An officer stands before a crowd watching as the activists are dragged away. In his hands are what the government calls an “assault rifle”. Who is this man trying to impress?


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