Ridley Supporters Rally for Unmolested Press at Nashua PD

by Garret Ean
June 2, 2011

On Sunday, May 29, activists gathered at the police station in Nashua in response to the department’s arrest, groping, and charging of Dave Ridley, an NH videojournalist who was ordered to leave the Radisson in Nashua and then subsequently seized. Despite video evidence that Dave was in the process of leaving, and in constant motion away from the building and toward his car, Nashua police took issue with the fact that he was filming as he was leaving, and refusing to face away from them. The original post on Ridley’s arrest has additional information. Free Concord video from the scene:


The Nashua Telegraph covered the rally:


Also in attendance was Chris King, another independent journalist who has been ejected from political events open to the press by Nashua police. His coverage with photos is here:


In-depth video coverage has been put together by Liberty on Tour.



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