Political Self-Immolation in Keene

by Garret Ean
June 17 2011

Authorities attempted washing the charred sidewalk before resorting to painting over it.

It was confirmed yesterday that a suicide by self-immolation which occurred Wednesday was an act of protest against the Cheshire County Court and Monadnock Family Services. Political self-immolations are a rare worldwide phenomenon which have been used in protest of war, for religious freedom, and more recently in expressing one’s desperation against a system, as sparked the recent revolutionary movements inĀ North Africa and the Middle East.

In terms of horrific acts of desperation, Thomas Ball deserves our attention for not choosing to, like Joseph Stack, crash a plane into a building. Rather than lashing out against the aggression that he felt pressing on him, he turned the violence inward with a shocking final expression.

Free Keene’s recent post with Tom Ball’s parting message as sent to the Keene Sentinel:


Local News

In Concord tonight, there will be a candlelight vigil for victims of the government’s war on drugs. Today marks the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s declaration of a war which initiated the more militarized enforcement of victimless crime policies. Since then, and even since the early 1900s when many modern prohibitions were started, addiction rates have done little to change. Billions are being spent imprisoning and killing human beings while chipping away at the civil liberties of all.

The gathering will begin at 8:00pm on the sidewalk in front of the state house. A facebook page from the NH Teapot Party has more details. See you there!



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