Orlando Arrest Campaign Against Feeding the Homeless

by Garret Ean
June 21, 2011

Over the past few weeks, Orlando, Florida police have arrested at least 21 activists with the collective Food Not Bombs, an organization devoted to providing food to the hungry in public as an alternative to the violent “solutions” offered by the government. The Orlando chapter has been operating for years, but recently a city ordinance was passed aimed at crushing their activities, making it a crime to feed more than 25 people around the downtown area of the city.

The arrests have not stopped the activists from feeding the hungry every Monday and Wednesday. This video from June 15 shot by Orlando Copwatch activist John Kurtz shows a gang of approximately twenty officers swooping in to stop people from feeding children, and haul six activists into a padded wagon.


Ironically, a bust of Mohandas Gandhi watches over the park where individuals face state aggression for the crime of providing food to the hungry. Just as with the recent Jefferson Dance Party, the state is not swayed from committing tyranny under the bronze eyes of the past. What it will take to stop the violence is those alive today stepping up to be as Gandhi and Jefferson would if they were here. My heart is with the Orlando activists who have the courage to do so.

From afar, a little can be done to help, such as calling Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer’s office at 407-246-2221. Let him know that around the world, people are watching the actions of Orlando authorities and do not appreciate their attacks upon a peaceful populous.


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