The Fear of Questions and Cameras

by Garret Ean
July 23, 2011

On Tuesday, Ian and JJ of Free Keene were in Concord for a court hearing over a parking ticket. While in town, they tried to have some questions answered by judicial authorities. Recently in Keene, a ban on cameras on court grounds has gone into effect per judicial order. Also by order of a judge, Jim Johnson was being held indefinitely for refusing to fill out a financial affidavit.

Locating the Superior Court office was not difficult, and the receptionist there was polite in informing us that nobody was available. The District Court office was difficult to locate, with no public address listed. Remote receptionists refused to confirm that we were at the district court office, and threatened to call security when asked simple questions. Footage from the secret office is below:

Free Keene’s post on finding the office:

Later in the day, I went by the DMV to file a not-guilty plea stemming from this recent nonsense. The footage from my exchange there would not be interesting if it were not for the strange way in which some of the bureaucrats react to my recording.


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