Governor John Lynch Dodges Medicinal Cannabis Question

by Garret Ean
Aug 02 2011

At the annual event “National Night Out” held in Rollins Park, governor John Lynch addressed a crowd about low crime rates in New Hampshire. After he had finished speaking and meeting with constituents, I approached him and asked about his expectations for the medicinal cannabis bill in New Hampshire. John Lynch was solely responsible for killing a medicinal bill in 2008, and in 2011, the senate tabled a bill, effectively ignoring it, after Lynch announced that he was still not happy with the stringent restructuring of the bill to meet his concerns. The question that remains on the issue is what else it is that needs to be done. In footage from the senate’s executive session on the bill, the house sponsor asks the senators what more could possibly be done with the bill. Every concern is kicked back to the governor, who seems to draw his position from the concerns of law enforcement. When interviewed in past episodes, law enforcement members speaking out against the bill admit knowing nothing about the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Lynch continues to hold out on a medical issue for non-medical concerns. What are these concerns exactly? The purpose of my questions to John Lynch in the following video seek to find out. It is unfortunate that I am not surprised by his response.


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4 Responses to Governor John Lynch Dodges Medicinal Cannabis Question

  1. Julia says:

    Using the state to accomplish libertarian goals just doesn’t seem like it’s going to work. Obviously, Lynch isn’t going to be swayed by public pressure. If I were on a medical marijuana campaign, I would set up little clinics in NH towns where others could come in and get medical marijuana. That way the people who need it will be provided for regardless of whatever laws the state has against it. If the state shuts them down then good, more publicity (not to mention public opinion would then sway on our side).

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  3. V-thap says:

    Well done Giggan

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