Two Chalking Arrests in Quartzsite, AZ

by Garret Ean
Sept 29 2011

Chalking allegedly etched by the duo.

Individuals Mike Roth and Dana Stabler of Quartzsite, Arizona were each arrested September 27 on twelve counts  of criminal damage, one count of conspiracy, and one count of criminal trespass. Their crime was doing an overnight chalking in protest of various branches of the city government. It is reported that video was used to identify the two after the fact. Ademo from Cop Block called the police station to receive more information on the arrests. The valuable dialogue had with the two officers (one yet identified) at Quartzsite PD is an example of conduct which wiretapping laws have a significant chilling effect on. Hear the conversation in the video below.

See more coverage of the story from Cop Block here:


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