Chalking Freedoms in Manchester on the Eve of National Chalk the Police Day

by Garret Ean
Sept 30 2011

With many of the Chalking 8‘s trials on the horizon and tomorrow being National Chalk the Police Day, it seemed an appropriate time for an update on the chalking situation in Manchester.

While the sidewalks were considered to be demilitarized zones for the right to chalk, an individual in Manchester was recently given a $25 ticket for doing a chalking in support of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Despite this, a spontaneous chalking protest on the sidewalks around MPD occurred relatively unmolested on September 5, 2011. Here’s video from the sidewalks.

By the end of July, Dave Ridley had organized three mini-protests outside of MPD to protest the police’s behavior during the demonstration on June 4. Though Ridley was not present on the scene, one of his cameras was forcibly taken out of the possession of another activist who was utilizing it. In this video from the third mini-protest on July 26, you’ll see Ridley’s attempts to get his camera back inside the station as well as an undisturbed series of chalkings I do across the street. I speak on camera towards the end of the video about the status (at the time) of my case with MPD as well as celebrating Stanley Kubrick, whose birthday fell on the date of the protest.

Pete Eyre from Cop Block put together a great video of himself inviting John Patti to dinner. Patti was the arresting officer of myself and three others, and ordered another two arrested, making him responsible for six of the eight arrests.

Tomorrow, over 16 cities have already organized Chalk the Police events, either at police stations or in city parks. I’ll be celebrating tomorrow in Manchester. For more details:


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One Response to Chalking Freedoms in Manchester on the Eve of National Chalk the Police Day

  1. Pete Eyre says:

    Solid overview! Thanks for sharing.

    Today a Manch PD spokesperson said they would not arrest anyone tmrw for chalking the sidewalk but may do so if chalking a bldg.

    Looks like our friends in Phoenix may have a little company: (read the bottom of the post)

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