Occupy New Hampshire’s First General Assembly in Manchester

by Garret Ean
Oct 7 2011

The first general assembly for the Occupy New Hampshire movement was held in Arms Park, Manchester, on October 5. Individuals began arriving at dusk for the meeting that lasted roughly two hours. Considering next to no organization occurred prior to the meeting, by the end a simple agenda had been formulated, and those interested in assisting with the logistics of the occupation created committees consisting of several members. The full meeting can be viewed from its live stream coverage at justin.tv/occupynewhampshire. WMUR and Union Leader reporters were present and provided coverage the following day.

From the Union Leader: ‘Occupy’ Protests May Be Organized In New Hampshire

From WMUR (with video): Several Gather In Support Of Occupy Wall Street In NH

The Free Concord video is embedded below.


The next general assembly will be held Sunday, Oct 9 in White Park, Concord, at 2:00pm. It is still undecided as to where the occupation itself will occur, though of those present at the first general assembly, it seemed Manchester was the favored choice.


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9 Responses to Occupy New Hampshire’s First General Assembly in Manchester

  1. Connections of a NH terrorist to the editors
    A friend of a neighbor asked me this morning “how I had such good connection to keep why the police stormed my home the other night” out of the paper. The neighbor’s friend couldn’t believe it happen because it was not in the newspaper. Even though my letters are read around the world as long as NH newspapers censor the facts public support to stop the wrongs is stopped. I ran for public office last election and totaled my truck one night, spent a week in the hospital as the newspapers refused to inform the voters. The NH underground web site started a special page to carry every one of my letters. My letters are public information so the newspapers claiming libel issues not to publish them are blowing smoke. NH newspapers awarded it self prizes this week for their great coverage of the news. The public is unaware of how much news is censored because some one did not want the public to see the truth.
    The fact that the NH Supreme Court refused to hear a case placed on their docket of a brother judge criminally violating the constitution is one of those facts censored from the public. Judge Peter Favuer criminally violated the Constitution to enable the Madbury NH selectmen to steal from local resident for his or her own personal gains. The NH government is knowingly harming a 100% disabled US Marine to keep the public in the dark. The facts are public information that the award winning newspapers are censoring to protect a special class of society at the public’s expense. I have serious medical conditions from my time in the Marine Corps. Three of the four are combat related; yet my medical care has been stopped until I stop writing opinion letters of government wrongs the news media does not think is public information. The newspapers, law enforcement and government will tell the public of my mentally unstable conditions but refuse to tell you that they are using my medical condition to force hostile action. The police storming my home the other night two days after the letter when my neighbors and family was home is to create pressure and in there demented way ignite PTSD aggression.
    You would think with all the claimed ethical and moral editors of news media around the USA just one would have the balls to ask, “what is happening to this disabled US Marine in NH”. It only takes one person to make a difference but it takes the entire USA to protect every single individual equally to be right. When all means of the checks and balances fail what is the next route. The NH Supreme Court is the one violating the Constitution our highest law. This eliminates legal recourse. The NH government does not believe a high school drop out disabled US Marine should be allowed to publicly correct the routine wrongs of the powerful NH SC. The award winning news media censors the truth to “protect those with good reputation”.
    I do not have connections, what I have is a nation that I love and pledged my life to protect and defend as a US Marine our highest law the Constitution.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

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  3. Let the people decide, Response
    “America, land of free speech-sometimes” is the very people that do not want to publish the opinion of the people. The day after Thanksgiving Day paper is filled with editorial articles praising this land and free speech. Free speech is allowing its readers to hear responses to what the paper preaches and a means of communication to enable US citizens to be informed to make a better nation for all. The foundation for individual rights in education “FIRE” “FIRE often strikes blows for free speech” is the heart of John Stossel’s article. This brings us into another view by Lew Feldstein “Please find common ground, abandon your certitude that only you are right, that only you know the answers. Don’t destroy our nation. Take us together to a better place”. Let the people decide the truth by telling both sides. To stop a citizen from telling other US citizens that the NH Supreme Court refused to hear a case presented to them of a brother Judge/attorney criminal violations of the Constitution to intentionally harm US Citizens is wrong. To use the very disabilities received defending the Constitution against a US Marine to stop him from telling the world, questions your right to even publish a paper. NH and the VA stop my medical care for combat related disabilities and the paper believes the USA does not need to know because my disabilities are PTSD and TBI along with a broken back and almost complete loss of hearing in both ears from being blown off a runway. “He never has to worry” “Entitlements” is the theme so displayed in the paper today. “America the land of Free speech-sometimes” is allowing the Madbury NH selectmen through Judge Peter Fauver’s criminal wrongs to take from local residents for their own profit and the NH SC refuses to hear the case. The newspapers do not believe that I deserve fair treatment under the law because I have disabilities received defending the very laws and rights you are using against me.
    A response letter that clearly states facts recorded in NH SC files and government documents is the God Given Right for the public to be made aware of without the newspaper censoring the truth. I volunteer my time to help this Madbury family; to have my medical care stopped as government retribution. I protest in newspaper-censored letters and the government puts me in jail as a terrorist under the patriot act. The newspapers and government publish innuendos to harm my character using the very disabilities from, we the US Military defend for your freedom and wellbeing. To lose our hubris and work together to unify American has to be to let the people decide.
    If judge Fauver and the NHSC believe in the Law and Constitution then this case must go public. When Communication stops violence begins and that has no place in a civilized society. The very people that do not want to publish the opinion of the people are the ones using America, land of free speech to destroy our hubris (Pride). I am only one person a 100% disabled US Marine to quietly take my life is justified by the law as these people see it. If my words are lies and harm any person or the NH SC they have legal recourse but that would bring the facts to public awareness and expose the newspapers to the harm of censoring the opinion of the people. The people’s voice is what is freedom of speech must be.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

  4. Fosters and NH Union Leader newspapers
    A student in Ohio writes a letter and posts it on the web, seen by many in authority but ignored. I am running for Oyster River School Board even though a court order stopped me from entering schools for the danger signs NH used to harm my character in retribution a few years back. Letters for and about other candidates are published every day. My letters are ignored, as it is clear the consequences of the harm past school boards in OR have done with freedom of press censoring opinion letters of government wrongs. How many good people are passed because editors like Rod Dougherty curtail the people’s right to know. My letters every day are published on the web but the newspapers refuse for the danger they are trying to impress on the public that I am. I am a 100% combat related disabled US Marine from the Vietnam Conflict. NH declared me a terrorist under the Patriot Act and took my freedom for 6-months before dropping the bogus charges. NH and the VA stop my medical care to impress upon me the power of government officials on citizens that do not obey. I volunteered every week in schools around the state before the court order listening and helping students just like this in Ohio. The schools have never invited me back since for the danger signs will always be there.
    The NH Supreme Court violated the Constitution to protect a brother Judge Peter Fauver. The NH SC refused to hear a case where judge Fauver used the power of the courts to let the Madbury NH selectmen use the trusted power of the people to take for the selectmen’s own profit from the local residents. This family asked me some one they had never met for help after reading a letter in the paper that I wrote. I have been told by many in law enforcement up to governor Shaheen not to write opinion letters telling of the NH SC violating the law. Hence this is why I was put in jail because I kept writing of the criminal acts of the NH SC. All undisputed documented facts presented to the NH SC by a natural born US citizen.
    I wrote a letter yesterday about the effects of expired VA medicine has on my PTSD and TBI disabilities. The psychological and embarrassment from my not being able to hear complete sentences of what others say from my loss of hearing from being blown up and blown off the runway or the unbearable pain from my broken back from another Vietnam offensive are taken there toll. Where do I go? The NH governor Lynch made me pay money to tell him of these government wrongs but we never did talk. He did take my money and give me a receipt, which I still have. I am a US Marine that came back to a society that will not accept us for what they believe we did. The smart ones commit suicide before coming back to the world that we love because they see the consequences of life back here in a civilized society we once belonged.
    A seventeen year-old student the same age as when I went off to a conflict as a US Marine writes but is ignored. Think what the citizens of NH are going to think when it comes out the Union Leader and Fosters daily democrat ignored and censored the words of a Oyster River School Board member when I am elected. The Consequences of a Ohio School should never happen if we just learn to listen.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839

  5. What type of citizens makes up NH?
    Stopping a disabled US Military Veterans medical care does of even stir a moment from the silent voices. I write a letter clearly at the beckoning call of the safety of the children not a voice from the silent civilized society. The clues of my increasing attempted suicides from when my mind is hampered with the systems of PTSD or may be the damage from the TBI cannot be true. Oyster River is going to elect me as the next at large school board member. The silent society will think about how they may be should have talked earlier. Communication is a civilized society’s manner to solve problems with out the need for violence. What type of citizens make up NH if you allow government officials to seek and inflict retribution on a disabled US Military Veteran to stop freedom of speech?
    The Madbury NH selectmen must be thinking what will happen when I get the Oyster River community email and other forms of communication. I already freely speak of these selectmen using the trusted power of government to take from local residents for the selectmen’s own personal gains. Think how the NH Supreme Court is going to look when my school board personality erupts publicly releasing information on how the SC refuse to hear a case of the criminal acts of Judge Peter Fauver to intentionally harm legal NH residents. Criminal acts inflicted on our Constitution by the NH Supreme Court exposed by a common citizen. Stopping medical care for any citizen is wrong and a criminal act. To stop a disabled US Military Veteran’s medical care to stop freedom of speech about the NHSC using the law to protect a special class of society will fill the airwaves. The newspapers will finally be forced by embarrassment to publish the truth of the criminal acts of the Madbury NH selectmen. I will be a school board member elected to a position to make everyone see the wrongs in NH.
    Think of educating and communicating with our children so the Ohio or other school disasters do not happen. Just what type of citizens make up NH if to take medical care away but elect what our political leaders define as a danger to others to a position with free rain of the schools?
    The newspapers censored these very opinion letters written by a possible elected school board member. They tell you it is to protect the public from a danger they are trying to portray me as but how will the public know if communication is stopped. The newspapers and NH government have placed the Oyster River Community is a catch 22 predicament. The danger they tell you that I am will open the doors and the safety of the children will may be bring out the question “what type of citizens makes up NH”?
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839

    PS the mind of a US Military Veteran with PTSD, TBI, Broken Back, Loss of hearing combat trained and experienced freely walking among you and now the schools. What a great civilized society of the USA is!!! Danger could be all because the editors censored the freedom of the voice of the people.

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  8. Lee Community Profile NH The Real Truth
    The UL had two great articles today. One being “Club house” about how The Brookside Congregational Church of Somersworth NH is hosting a place for mentally and physically impaired to have a future. The neighbors are all for such a place to exist but not in their neighborhood. Then on the Veterans page “Motor vehicle crashes” how returning combat veterans have a 75% chance of being in a car crash compared to those that never serve. The Veteran Resort-Chapel (that my wife and I put our life savings to purchase the land and give it to the non-profit) plus we are going to build the single bedroom 16’x24’tiny home with a private chapel in the basement and two religious meditation shacks 8’x16’ all with full bathrooms. The tiny home and the two shacks will have full bathrooms using compost toilets. From the town of Lee NH selectmen down to the Stepping Stone Rd neighborhood everyone says they are for it but not in their neighborhood. Yet the Union Leader does not believe US Military Veterans homeless on the street rate coverage in their newspaper.
    I have been there and I am some times still there. Society that tries to make others afraid of me claims that I am mentally unstable, create hate to stop the VRC. I am one that came back alive and sees just how wrong that was. The UL caught the true meaning of the mental and physical state most returning veterans are in when we come home from our tour. Returning US Military Veterans even from today’s wars suffer the same and end up the same homeless on the streets. Society claims as they do after each war to understand and not let what happen before to these US Military Veterans happen to the ones coming home from today’s war. Warehousing US Military Veterans in homeless shelters as our government sees as the solution is not the answer. We all say we want to help but do not let “people like this in our neighborhood” is the common denominator. To illustrate when I stepped off the plane many years ago the first word from the first round-eyed girl was just after she spit on me “Baby killer” and as ironic as that is just last month a 21 year-old bartender made a comment on a Vietnam news comment on the TV about how those that served in Vietnam were “baby killers”. I (meaning all of us) are still there for the proud memory of servicing as US Military for the USA we did what was needed to survive to make the USA exist another day. It is not easy coming home but some of us make out better than others. Fighting the silence of newspapers like the Union Leader believing not telling our side helps us is wrong. The existence of the VRC is to help a few of the 600 plus homeless US Military Veterans in New Hampshire alone. I beg the Union Leader to print this letter and let the people of NH take a chance on a Veteran helping Veterans come home.
    I ask everyone that reads this letter to write the newspaper and the town of Lee NH and just ask why not in their neighborhood?
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    101 Stepping Stone Rd. Lee NH 03824

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