Occupy New Hampshire Begins in Manchester

by Garret Ean
Oct 18 2011

At noon on October 15, Occupy New Hampshire began in Manchester. Starting at Veterans’ Park and migrating toward Victory Park, the occupation has been ongoing since that time, and today moved back to Veterans’ Park. An independent occupation movement in Keene has begun as well.

The Manchester occupation has already caught flack from city officials despite early reports that the mayor had given occupiers permission to remain encamped with an open line of communication with the city. At the general assembly last night, one of the major issues was an impending police shutdown scheduled to occur tonight at 11pm. During a meeting with city officials, an agreement was reached that the shutdown would not be happening tonight , but it is up in the air how secure occupiers are in their current situation.

Being myself out of town during the start of the occupation, Dave Ridley has his own video reports from the project’s start.





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