Five Arrested, 14+ Cited at Occupy NH Crackdown

by Garret Ean
Oct 20 2011

Manchester police have brought a temporary end to the Occupy New Hampshire movement. Five people were arrested on trespassing charges and at least fourteen were cited for violating the curfew in Veterans Park. All were released within hours, and given bail conditions which included banishment from Veterans Park  pending trial. The crackdown was announced earlier this evening on the Occupy New Hampshire website.

The word:
Eviction is happening tonight at 11pm. Negotiations with police have brought us to the point where they have stated they will ticket. If you do not leave the park upon receiving ticket, you will be forcibly removed. We ask that if you are arrested, you do so peacefully and do not resist.

Even with the short notice, several videographers were prepared on the scene. Officers began by asking all people who did not wish to receive summonses to clear the park, permitting them to be on the sidewalk surrounding the park. After issuing summonses, those who remained in the park were arrested. The video below is from the live stream that was airing as police arrived. Authorities enter the video at 6:00.

Ridley’s video overviews the first and last arrests.

This Free Keene post has video of the release of each activist arrested.

The Union Leader has also posted a story on the eviction.

Plenty of coverage will follow, as well as what lies ahead for Occupy New Hampshire.

11:00pm – The latest video released today by Ridley shows more of the interaction of the crowd with the police prior to the arrests.

A general assembly has been scheduled for Saturday, October 22 at noon in Veterans Park to determine the future of the occupation. Facebook event:!/event.php?eid=128891927216027

Oct 21 2011: The Boston Globe has covered the Occupy New Hampshire arrests. According to their report, eighteen citations were issued. Their piece quotes attorney Larry Vogelman, who volunteered to represent the occupiers. The current charges against those arrested are class A misdemeanors, which indicates jail time could be attached to a conviction on that charge.

The Globe article incorrectly identifies the second general assembly, held in Concord, as the first meeting of Occupy New Hampshire. The first general assembly was held three days earlier in Arms Park, Manchester. The story opens with the location as Concord.


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9 Responses to Five Arrested, 14+ Cited at Occupy NH Crackdown

  1. Keep up the good work occupy-ers.

  2. Julia says:

    Crazy stuff. Shows you how the main purpose of the police is to “protect” property.

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