Biker Bill Acquitted of Wiretapping Before Trial

by Garret Ean
Nov 5 2011

Videojournalist Biker Bill Alleman has been acquitted of wiretapping charges by judge Edward Tenney prior to an anticipated trial which was repeatedly continued by the prosecution. Bill was arrested in February on a warrant after recording a traffic stop which occurred in July of the previous year. Originally facing felony charges, then reduced to a misdemeanor, Bill’s trial was pending as the federal first circuit court handed down the Glik decision. The court’s stance on Glik seems to have influenced Edward Tenney’s decision to grant the motion to acquit, as he cites the ruling in his written statement. The case sets a non-binding precedent for New Hampshire courts for future interpretations of the wiretapping statute.

Attorney Seth Hipple gives insight into the judge’s decision in the video below.

Bill has written a detailed post that chronicles his legal adventures this past year, and what it all could mean for the future of New Hampshire’s poorly worded wiretapping statute. See the relieved post he’s been patiently waiting to make here:

The prosecutor conspiring with the 'victim' of Bill's recording, Weare police officer Brandon Montplaisir, during a pretrial hearing in July.


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