Occupy Boston Visual Overview

by Garret Ean
30 Nov 2011

On November 22, I happened to be at Boston’s south station and had the privilege of visiting Occupy Boston. Dewey Square is situated at the foot of the Federal Reserve’s Boston branch, and as I arrived, an End the Fed protest was concluding. It was a damp and quiet day at the encampment. I took the opportunity to take some video from the scene.


Some areas of the occupation appeared more welcoming, looked, and smelled better than others. Wooden planks were placed over pathways where rain would create muddy earth, making for cleaner, safer walkways. Warm food was being served for the duration of the two hours that I was present. Solar panels, as well as a battery charged by a stationary bicycle were being used as energy sources. A small police presence was maintained on the sidewalks surrounding the occupation, but police did not seem anxious to enter the encampment.


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2 Responses to Occupy Boston Visual Overview

  1. cool
    glad to hear the cops are not busting it up
    also good to hear they are outside the Fed building

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