In Learning That Kim Jong-Il Has Died

by Garret Ean
Dec 19 2011

Today the news has circulated around the world that Kim Jong-Il, ruler of what is considered the most closed nation in the world, North Korea, has died from a reported heart attack. Through social media, many who haven’t seen headlines of the flamboyant dictator’s demise receive the news via the many friends discussing it on their facebook news feed.

Outside of Kim Jong-Il’s inner circle, the first people to hear word of his death were the millions of subjects of North Korea, who saw this report from a distraught anchor on the State’s official news network.


This newscast was made at noon on Monday (10:00pm Sunday evening EST), and it would be hours before State run websites were updated to reflect national mourning for the nation’s official dear leader.

With the violent death of Muammar Gaddafi almost two months ago, in a short span we see the demise of two internationally despised heads of state in much opposing circumstances. Gaddafi and Kim were both, for some period of time, diplomatic enemies of what they considered the imperialist United States. With Kim Jong-Il reported to have died naturally in the presence of his officials, we see one violent man’s death celebrated by somewhat barbarous crowds, and another followed with much hyperbolic mourning. A broadcast of mourners in Pyongyang shows schoolchildren and decorated soldiers in grief and despair at a monument to Kim Jong-Il. The nation is now reportedly under the leadership of Jong-Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un.


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