MPD Captain Declines Post-Chalking 8 Inquiry

by Garret Ean
Jan 8 2012

Yesterday while attending Occupy the Primary being held at Veterans Park in Manchester, I met MPD captain Robert Cunha. He had come to the park to discuss altering aspects of the occupation with participants in the protest. I had noticed when mailed my verdict following the trial held stemming from my Chalking 8 arrest that Capt. Cunha was CC’d a copy of the ruling. This indicates that he is likely the supervising officer in dealing with the cases that have stemmed from the chalking 8 incident. Following the arrests, it was the lower ranked sergeant Todd Boucher who spoke with press and was cited as the officer in charge during the incident. Sergeant John Patti was the officer who made or ordered six of the arrests. Joseph Mucci, also a sergeant, made 2 arrests and issued one citation that was later upgraded to a criminal charge.

Not surprisingly, Robert Cunha was not interested in discussing aspects of the case. That the potential still exists for legal action to be taken against Manchester PD for false arrest is likely what drives the silence. See my interaction with Cpt. Cunha embedded below:

On Monday, January 9, Ademo Freeman and Wesley Gilwreath will be sentenced following their convictions on chalking-related criminal mischief charges which were ruled upon December 27. Activists have planned to chalk in solidarity outside of the court prior to the sentencing hearing.


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3 Responses to MPD Captain Declines Post-Chalking 8 Inquiry

  1. Henryk Zaleski says:

    He works for you but, he won’t talk to you?

  2. Scotty says:

    Well, let’s see…over ONE MONTH ago…Yeah, Zaleski, Capt. cunha won’t discuss a pending case at a different event…There are sound reasons why not. But, I think that Garret was also very professional in how he approached Cunha. Cunha even CONGRATULATED Garret for winning his case…That is PROOF that these “activisms” are far more meaningful to YOU guys, than they are to the cops…The cops don’t care…SOME cops even agree, but I’m writing from Keene, and we all know that down here in Keene, Ian “freeman” Bernard has pretty much poisoned any chance for constructive engagement with the cops. What I see from Garret and Capt. Cunha, shows me there is still hope…Can’t you guys do anything about Ian & the “FREEKEENERS”???…They are why Keene Police are getting that Lenco BearCat S.W.A.T. vehicle, to go along with the Public Safety BearCat they are already getting…

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