One Arrest at (Occupied) Capitol Center Debate

by Garret Ean
January 10 2012

At Sunday morning’s presidential debate held at the Capitol Center for the Arts, one arrest was made during a foiled “mic check” attempt by Occupy New Hampshire activists. Matthew Richards of Manchester was arrested for trespassing after attempting to hold open a door at the theater to allow protesters into the debate. He was tackled by security and placed under arrest by Concord police. Dave Ridley captured the scene following the arrest, as Matthew is brought out of the building. This is his second protest related trespassing arrest, as he was also taken into custody for a short period following the eviction of the Occupy NH encampment in Veterans Park.

A video of the crowd outside of the debate has since premiered. You can see and hear Occupy NH protesters as Ron Paul enters the venue, with democratic presidential candidate Vermin Supreme on bullhorn.

Also appearing today is a published piece by Sam Bollier from Al-Jazeera English. A much appreciated link to Free Concord is featured within the well researched story on New Hampshire liberty activism.


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4 Responses to One Arrest at (Occupied) Capitol Center Debate

  1. Julia says:

    Matt had serious courage to try and get us in. I’m bummed that we weren’t able to mic check anyone during the debate, but we were certainly able to mic check all the politicians (including Ron Paul) as they left the Capitol Center.

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  3. Scotty says:

    This is PATHETIC. Over a month now, and only ONE comment here? At least at “FreeKeene”, they have trolls, so there is SOMETHING, anyways…Maybe “FreeConcord” could rent some of “FreeKeene”s troll-bloggers???…And, the only comment is from our Lone Anarchist Avenger, Julia?…Talk about preaching to the choir…I think THIS preacher is just talking to a trio, or maybe even a duo…

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