Recording Police: Stand Your Ground And Succeed

Two recent videos posted over at Free Keene that were filmed in Concord demonstrate how important it is that you stand up for your right to record.

In this encounter from last week at the Drug Task Force office of the Attorney General, Ian and Ademo meet Investigator James Brown (no relation to the Godfather of Soul).

In this video posted today, Ian is filming a traffic stop on I-89 N from the passenger seat. The state trooper immediately threatens to arrest, claiming that he does not consent to being recorded. When he is told, “You are consenting by being in front of my camera,” he drops the issue.

Free Keene activist Derrick J. also posted a video earlier today, recorded between Manchester and Keene, in which he and a passenger had to stand their ground for their right to record a traffic stop. The officer involved tried to demand identification from the passenger, citing violation of the wiretapping statute as his reasonable suspicion to ID. After his captives cited statute and case law, the ignorant officer backed down. See the video linked below:


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