Nazry Mustakim Released to Free(r) World

Naz and Hope upon his release today.

In July of last year, we reported on the incarceration and pending deportation proceedings being brought against Nazry Mustakim, when NH activist Russell Kanning was arrested for chalking “Free Naz” at a Waco, TX federal courthouse. Nazry Mustakim is a Waco resident who was born in Singapore and grew up in the United States. After a series of legal proceedings, in which a prosecutor was attempting to try him again on years old drug charges, the state has decided to drop its case against him. His deportation has been canceled, and he is free to return to his home and family after having been imprisoned for 313 days.

Nazry’s success in beating the charges was assisted by the vocal, supportive community that organized around his case. His wife, Hope Mustakim, posted this announcement earlier today on

At Naz’s Master Hearing yesterday, the prosecutor just decided to GRANT him the waiver to cancel his deportation just then and there! No future hearing, nothing. We are DONE! I am picking him up as soon as they release him this afternoon…

For Naz and I, our involvement in immigration reform is far from over. The heaviest tears we’ve cried during the past 10 months have been for the men [and women] in the detention centers who were so scared and confused, without a network of support to sustain them like Naz. They are sweet, hard-working, generous individuals. Dads, husbands, brothers…These are people, warm-blooded humans, children of God. And we refuse to settle back into “life” and forget about them. But honestly, we never could.

July chalking at the state house, Concord.


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2 Responses to Nazry Mustakim Released to Free(r) World

  1. Naz is free. We went to a party for him at their favorite Italian restaurant in Waco last night.

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