Chalkings and Signs at 2/4 Obama Protest

Images from the February 4 protest outside of the Obama re-election campaign office in Nashua, NH.


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2 Responses to Chalkings and Signs at 2/4 Obama Protest

  1. nhgreen says:

    I can’t wait until spring! Although I support Obama, he is well aware that these laws are illegal and will most definitely be challenged in SC. If the GOP gets into the Oval Office, there will be war with Iran. We don’t need to completely demolish the entire country to get things done. My belief is in personal liberty, and I feel that the Declaration of Independence has been misinterpreted and/or ignored.
    We must stand strong and reinforce the understanding that we are all equal and deserve respect, love, and we have rights to run our own lives, and own property without worrying about it being taken away from us for no good reason. We are New Hampshire People, and we will “live free or die”, with a heck of a fight!
    Obama has made some grave mistakes, but he’s all we’ve got right now. I trust him on Israel, as he is on to Netanyahu. Don’t believe everything you hear, trust your instinct, your good judgement, and do your homework. Stay active on twitter, and combat the lies.
    You guys are doing something great out there. We’ve got your back!

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