Resisting the Next Big War: Peace With Iran Rally at Veterans Park

by Garret Ean
Feb 15 2012

2/4 Antiwar Rally in Minneapolis, MN

On Saturday, February 4, a national day of war resistance was celebrated in the streets of cities around the nation. Following a protest at the Obama re-election campaign office opening, I headed to Veterans Park in Manchester, where there was a rally against war, especially the increasingly hyped prospect of war with Iran. In recent weeks, it seems established powers have been banging the war drums ever more loudly.

It appears to be a geographic continuance of ongoing military conquests by the US government, that in taking Iraq and Afghanistan, the next ambition would be the powerhouse that divides them. Though there’s a history of mistrust between the US and Iran, one obstacle that neither militant faction of the two countries may be able to overcome is the ability of the people of Iran and the United States to directly communicate. The internet has provided a communications medium that two modern nations facing potential war never in history have had before. Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has a particularly modernized society and culture. One would hope that everyday people are able to retain control over the mediums of communication, to maintain resistance to the spread of aggressive war.

Below is my raw video from the Veterans Park rally, featuring speakers and a flash mob-esque sign wave toward the end.


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One Response to Resisting the Next Big War: Peace With Iran Rally at Veterans Park

  1. Good reporting.
    I love the poster about Iran.

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