A Reminder to the New Hampshire Supreme Court

Published over at Free Keene today is the following entry by Brad Jardis. Brad is a former law enforcement officer who will be representing Jason Talley, who was arrested for possession of a camera at the Cheshire County Superior Court.

This blog is made pursuant to NH Rules of Professional Conduct 3.6 (c) (2) and (c) (6) as the testimony I am referring to below was given at a public hearing at the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and thus, it is part of a public record. Additionally, the people of New Hampshire should be aware of the danger to the public interest.

As the time approaches where the string of events leading up to State v. Jason Talley becomes more and more public, I would like to remind the New Hampshire Supreme Court (and the news media) that at the “Rule 78” hearing on 12/16/11, (the rule about restrictions of New Hampshire’s Constitution Part I, Article 22 in the court system) that I attended, I stood right in front of you, on camera, and told you exactly how the courts were “inviolably” preserving the right to the freedom of the press in Cheshire County: a crime was committed by a sitting judge and high ranking judicial officials stripped rights away in an attempt to try and change the story.

I was even happy to see the former judge that I used to testify to as a police officer present on the panel. I figured it was beneficial to have someone on the panel who knows I am not a liar.

I spoke the truth, on camera, about the judicial cover-up occurring after Adam Mueller (Freeman)’s illegal arrest and how it ensnared Jason Talley. I was apparently ignored.

As Part II, Article 73-a makes you, the Supreme Court, the boss of all the lower courts in New Hampshire, I hope you are preparing to explain to the public how you were told specifically how a crime was being covered up in Cheshire County by judicial officers you supervise, but apparently did nothing about it.

Ademo Freeman

^— This man spent two days incarcerated for a crime he never committed. He spent two days incarcerated for constitutionally protected activity.

Hold Judge Burke and the other judges who are involved accountable because it is the ethical thing to do… not because politics forces you to do so later.

You’re not above the law…you’re entrusted with it.

Following this entry at Free Keene was a post indicating that a motion to restrain the court from using violence to enforce honoraries was denied.


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