4/20 2012 Rally Defies Prohibition in Peace

by Garret Ean
Apr 22 2012

This year’s 4/20 rally in the capitol plaza was more modest in size than the previous celebration, but the crowd’s enthusiasm for the cause of liberty did not feel lacking. A small crowd gathered at 2pm for the Free Concord litter pickup. Back at the state house by 3:30, rally goers and independent media began creeping in. Speechifying by local activists on an open bullhorn preceded and followed the announcement to “smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em” at 4:20. A few individuals visiting town for the rally were selling bottles of water and bags of chips in defiance of laws against such peaceful exchange. Before the state house closed at 5:00pm, a crowd of around 30 caroled in the lobby for an audience of about eight state troopers and security guards. Despite a somewhat greater presence of state law enforcement inside the state house, there was no uniformed presence in the courtyard for the duration of the rally. Attendance is estimated to be near one hundred. Embedded below is the raw footage from the Free Concord cam.


With Free Keene being temporarily offline since Friday morning, coverage of the event has been more difficult to locate. A video from MikeForLiberty’s youtube channel went live the evening of the 20th. It features a few key highlights from the day with a small amount of editing. The youtube address is linked below:


Another video from the event which published yesterday is hosted on gramrastag’s youtube channel:


Concord-nh.patch.com has published two articles on the event, one focusing on the litter pickup at 2pm and the other focusing on the events surrounding the 4:20 hour.


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