Julian Heicklen Perserveres Following Victory

by Garret Ean
Apr 23 2012

80 year old fully informed jury pamphleteer Julian Heicklen has just disqualified as a civil disobedient, now that federal judge Kimba Wood has ruled that his peaceful activity of passing of information on juror’s rights could not be construed to constitute jury tampering. The basis of dismissing pending criminal charges against him was that none of the information was directed towards any specific case.

Julian has been arrested numerous times across the country, including a particularly brutal arrest and incarceration in Manhattan outside of the second circuit federal courthouse. Today, he went back to the New York courthouse with the videojournalist who was also arrested with him on the scene November 9, 2009. After the federal decree of the robe over two years later, neither of them were assaulted or kidnapped. From the VJ, bile:

After about 2.5 years Julian and I went back to 500 Pearl St., New York, NY having successfully defeated his jury tampering and my filming without permission charges. No sign of the FPS or court bailiffs…as one would hope.

It was just the two of us. The weather was cold, damp and windy. I believe more court employees / lawyers took pamphlets than random passerbys. Some of them even congratulated him on having his case dismissed.

In the ruling from the judge, we also learn that the FBI set up a sting of sorts against Julian, by having an undercover agent identify themselves as a juror and ask for information. They tried to implicate him by quoting from a pamphlet reading, “It’s not the duty of the jury to uphold the law. It is the jury’s duty to see that justice is done.” Despite the attempt at entrapment, passing out educational material still could not be construed into being a crime.

You can read Kimba Wood’s decision here, and see the video of the Nov 2009 arrest here.

Julian Heicklen, April 23, 2012


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