PorcFest 2012 Panels – State of the Resistance

This year’s Porcupine Freedom Festival was more photo and video recorded than any prior gatherings of the liberty-loving community of NH and beyond. Officially the action was captured by PorcFest Chronicles, working on behalf of the organizers to videograph panels and discussions.

I captured some of the sessions I found to be most interesting on the Free Concord HD camera. Here’s the Austrian Economics panel, featuring Bob Murphy, Dan D’Amico, Anne Rathbone Bradley and Benjamin Powell.


This panel early on Saturday morning was entitled ‘Atheism and Liberty’, and featured Adam Kokesh, Stefan Molyneux, and Ernie Hancock.


Adam Kokesh hosted a talk on his own path to liberty which was titled, ‘War, the Trauma of Statism, and the Path to Liberty’. Early into the program he suggests the title ‘Zen Anarchism’.


This video is an NSFW preview of the much larger Liberty Roast Friday evening.


Here is video of the stateless wedding of Bradley Jardis and Ashley Krueger. A second angle of the reception is available from Adam Kokesh.



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