Chalking 8 – Beginning of the End Near?

Ademo Freeman of Keene

by Garret Ean
July 8 2012

Ademo Freeman faces a sentencing hearing on Wednesday afternoon in Hillsborough superior court, Manchester, to determine whether he will serve the sixty day sentence on his chalking of the police station and passive ‘resistance’ to his arrest by going limp. He does not plan to fight the imposition of the sentence, as he faces a potentially stiffer penalty and he still must prepare for a trial on three counts of felony wiretapping. The wiretapping charges stem from a recording made during a call to Manchester school and police bureaucrats placed in response to an incident involving police use of force against a nonaggressive student at Manchester West high school. He faces seven years in prison if convicted on each illegal recording charge. Below is a video message released by Ademo today:

Peaceful Prisoner Released

On June 30, Wesley Gilreath was released after serving just under six months at the Valley Street Jail. Wes was the second of eight arrested on June 4, 2012, outside of the Manchester police station. Congratulations to him for finally reaching an end to a harrowing saga over colorful children’s sidewalk chalk.

The chalking for which Wes was charged a half a year of his life.


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