Circus for Ademo: Pretrial Hearing

A chalking outside of Valley St Jail on July 15

by Garret Ean
July 28 2012

The state has been relentless in its campaign against Ademo Freeman, attacking him over chalking and going limp, for which he’s currently caged after being denied a jury trial.  Meanwhile he’s facing a trial for three counts of felony wiretapping — videotaping himself calling Manchester bureaucrats and police after a student was violently arrested at Manchester West High School. Attached below is the video from Free Keene of his most recent hearing. Ademo appears worn from two weeks at Valley Street Jail, which is widely considered the least humane incarceration center in the state. It services (or, victimizes) Hillsborough County, which includes Manchester and Nashua, the two largest cities in the state. A letter from Ademo describing the situation there has also been published earlier today at Free Keene. He writes, “…this place can be serious business. The childish games turn serious at times with nasty results, or a CO’s constant nagging can lead to a lock down, or beat down. At the end of the day neither side is better. The inmates lose, the officers lose and the tax-payers fund it all. It’s the most wasteful use of time, money, and life I’ve ever seen.”

A press release published July 24 from the Content Factory details Ademo’s predicament in-depth.


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