Lemonade Freedom Day around the Globe

Happy Lemonade Freedom Day! August 18 is alight with action taking place all over the Earth.

In the belly of the beast, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders and the Lemonistas are gathering to celebrate their freedoms.


You can watch the event livestreamed here.

Julian Assange remains holed up in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, while UK officials make threats against the supposed sovereignty of the building. Watch the speech on Ecuador’s decision to grant Assange sovereignty from Russia Today.

Supporters of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot are outraged after their conviction on ‘hooliganism’ charges in the Russian Federation. The three ladies were sentenced to two years in a prison camp for performing an anti-Putin punk rock prayer in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The legislation under which they were convicted is similar to United States hate crimes legislation, as their performance is alleged to have insulted the religious. Yesterday, solidarity protest footage broadcast on Russia Today of a Femen activist chopping down a cross with a chainsaw.

Footage from a New Hampshire house subcommittee hearing on the wiretapping statute in the wake of Ademo’s felony conviction has been posted online and isolated in into segments. Biker Bill was present and recorded the entirety of the hearing. See his blog post, and 2 hour video here.

Free Concord has assembled a playlist of segments of interest from the hearing.

Stay tuned for reports from the scene for lemonade freedom in Keene, New Hampshire.


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