Interparty Congressional Camera Feud in Concord

by Garret Ean
Sep 26 2012

Yesterday, a video was released from a recent Joe Biden visit to Concord last Friday. The inconsiderate vice president had large portions of the city blockaded for his entourage of vehicles. Traffic was already slowed significantly from the construction delaying travel on Fisherville Road. Additionally, the state house had been barricaded with roving security patrols closing streets even to pedestrians around his holiness’ gathering.

After the performance, Bass staffer Bryan Klepacki approached closely to congressional candidate Ann Kuster, taking low quality video, saying her names a few times as she converses with people on either side. As he gets within an arm’s reach in front of her, she reaches up and grabs the camera from his hand. When he calmly asks for the camera back, she responds, “I’ll call Charlie, and I’ll tell him when he can have the camera back.” The camera was returned later at the event.

Spokesmen for the two sides made statements following the camera ruckus. While this is a noteworthy incident, it feels to a large extent a mutually beneficial immature stunt for the race’s republican and democrat representation. While Kuster’s actions were reactive, they would be much more revealing if the videographer were not openly a paid agent of her opposition. It would be a far different magnitude of scenario if Ms. Kuster would have been responding similarly to a civilian camera.

See the video posted in an article by Patrick Hynes on the NH Journal. Additional coverage from the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, Nashua Telegraph and Free Keene.


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