Want More Story? Check out Fr33manTVraw

by Garret Ean
Sep 28 2012

If you’re familiar with Derrick J Freeman, one of New Hampshire’s most prolific liberty activists, then you might have seen some of his videos over at youtube.com/fr33manTV. His channel has over eleven hundred subscribers, but an analogous channel which he had launched a day earlier gets far less traffic despite publishing exponentially more content. The Fr33manTVraw youtube channel has under 50 subscribers and has amassed just over a hundredth of the total views of the channel dedicated to more polished cuts.

Earlier this month, while Derrick was visiting Keene to attend the theatrical premiere of his documentary, he collaborated on some filming expeditions with myself and others in the area. With so much raw footage and no central repository for all of it, he graciously opened up his raw channel to use by other activist videographers. Since receiving the invite, I’ve archived a great deal of raw video files from different events covered previously on Free Concord. With a number of videojournalists depositing media on the same channel, it also gives you the opportunity to see an event from multiple angles. For those who wish to see beyond what is edited down for your convenience, stop by Fr33manTVraw and see hours of uncut footage organized by event into playlists.

Or, if you prefer only finished products, continue to enjoy Free Concord’s youtube channel, FreeConcordTV.


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