Dear Leader to Visit New Hampshire

by Garret Ean
Oct 13 2012

It was announced earlier from on high that none other than the United States government president himself, Barack Obama, will be gracing the state of New Hampshire with his presence. A campaign event at an undisclosed location in Manchester on Thursday (Oct 18) will be the most high’s second visit Shireside in two months. Beyond that, little is revealed about it.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama are perhaps the two people on Earth who yield the power to shut down major american cities around them, as their seemingly endless entourage of vehicles secures the ground before which they tread. In recent years, the security theatre has become increasingly more inconveniencing for ordinary civilians, as they try to proceed about their day. A recent visit by the federal vice president to Concord saw all streets around the capitol closed to even pedestrian traffic, and the outer surrounding streets closed to motor vehicles as well. The performance was orchestrated so that several dozen of Biden’s supporters could hear him speak on the barricaded state house lawn. Granted, Obama likely draws more of a crowd, but if I felt so insecure that I needed thirty police units in front of and behind me anywhere I go in the United States, I’d probably do the people a favor and not close their neighborhoods down so that I can campaign to continue ruling them.

Who else is so incogitant to announce that they’ll be in a city on a particular day with less than a week’s notice, but not disclose the location? A supremely flexible schedule and/or last minute planning are perchance veiled under the header of national security.


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