War on Cannabis – Boston: ‘It’s legal, but you still get a fine’

by Garret Ean
Oct 15 2012

I’ve just gotten around to finalizing more videos from the NATO Summit in Chicago, and today I uploaded this short encounter from after our group’s second attempt to leave Boston. The third time proved to be a charm, and the whole story will be laid out in a cut of most of the footage I am currently working on.

In this video from May 18, a bicycle police officer on patrol around South Station picks out an individual and harangues him for being suspected of smoking herb before letting him return to the group. Police were only operating on smell and had no physical evidence, as this encounter demonstrates the difference between Massachusetts’ decriminalized cannabis status compared to other states, where this same encounter may have resulted in coerced searches or arrest. The second officer to appear on the scene says shortly before leaving, “It’s legal, but your still get a fine.”



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