Ridley Reports from Obamney 2012 Manchester

In addition to previous Free Concord coverage of Barack Obama’s recent campaign stop in Manchester, Dave Ridley has posted four videos so far from his eye on the ground. Rather than playing it normal and objectively recording the event, as I tried, Dave walked along the periphery of the security perimeter, and interacted with police and secret service along the way. He asked poignant questions of the secret service, Obama staffers, and event attendees. Some of his questions pertained to Obama’s treatment of Bradley Manning, and there is one encounter early on with USSS in which it is insisted that he not film, though no action is taken. In the fourth video, a Manchester officer tells him that he is required to answer questions and are seen clearing the sidewalk of all people before the president’s entourage passes through. You can see the one brief encounter I had with a suited USSS agent when I tried to film from inside the secured area here. Ridley’s four videos are embedded below. Additional newsprint coverage is available from the Union Leader and the Concord Monitor.

Oct 24 2012: A fifth and sixth video from the event have been released.

If you’d like to see the dear leader on the NH campaign trail one last time before the vote, he will be speechifying in Nashua on Saturday, October 27. As was the case with the previous announcement of his majesty’s visit, no details regarding time or location have so far been released.


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