With Three Days Left, Barack Romney and Mitt Obama Keep Kicking Through NH

by Garret Ean
Nov 3 2012

Both official presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, will be spending the days leading up to the election appearing and speaking in New Hampshire. Tomorrow morning in Concord, the Obama will be appearing at a ticketed event with none other than former US president Bill Clinton. Monday evening, the night before the election, Mitt Romney will be cohosting an event at the Verizon Colosseum with Kid Rock. The red-and-blue team duo have been traveling the country extensively, appearing with various celebrities who endorse their respective candidacies. The news blog Cleveland.com posted a story today that an underadvertised campaign appearance and concert with Barack Obama featuring Stevie Wonder had less than 200 attendees. A security perimeter has already been established downtown for the Concord event tomorrow morning. It’s comical that such a massive security event as a presidential appearance can be executed without an event promoter catching on to the lack of marketing.

Fourth party presidential candidate Vermin Supreme has confirmed earlier tonight in an appearance on Free Talk Live that he will be live and in person outside of the Romney event scheduled for Monday evening.

Meanwhile in Concord, chalk has already been laid out for the two presidents primed to appear tomorrow morning.



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