On the Campaign Trail with Vermin Supreme, Carlos Miller Acquitted Again

While hours of footage from the 2012 election is being sorted and uploaded to Fr33manTVraw, I have assembled two videos of Vermin Supreme raising consciousness for his campaign. The first is a scene from just outside of the Mitt Romney and Kid Rock performance on the eve of the election at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

An illustrated video of Vermin’s appearance on Free Talk Live the saturday before the election has been created using footage from Free Concord and friends.

More HD footage of Vermin Supreme greeting constituency outside of the Romney election eve event will be published in the coming days, including an interview exploring his mandatory teeth-brushing plank. A playlist of the raw video from Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s brief occupation of Concord on sunday is now available. An estimated 14,000 attended to see the two democratic presidents, and there was less of a visible security presence than in Manchester two weeks prior. The much larger civilian crowd may have drowned out the security suit presence. The playlist’s 92 videos weigh in at just under two hours.

Miami: Carlos Miller Acquitted of Resisting

Today at trial, photojournalist Carlos Miller was found not guilty on a charge stemming from his arrest for practically nothing at the Occupy Miami eviction. He has posted a quick review of the trial and more can be expected at his newly renovated site Photography Is Not A Crime. He reported while on tonight’s episode of Free Talk Live that the subject of whether or not he was a ‘real journalist’ was brought up in court, but it did not pass the smell test of the jury, who deliberated for approximately a half hour. The charges were resisting police without violence, a particularly open catch-all offense in Florida law. The police had their attempt to criminalize a nonincident shattered when Carlos recovered deleted video of his arrest that presumably his arresting officer, Nancy Perez, ordered be erased. He plans on filing civil rights actions against the department.


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