Arrest on Election Eve: Why Not to Talk to Police

by Garret Ean
Nov 10 2012

While filming the merry antics of the Vermin Supreme campaign on November fifth, the eve of the election, myself and another videographer witnessed Manchester police remove an attendee from the Romney rally venue. After a lengthy conversation with a few officers outside of my view, we notice the man being dragged to the ground by three before being placed into a prisoner transport van. It’s difficult to make out the exchanges between the parties over the blaring music of the Mitt Romney/Kid Rock performance. Body language indicates that at one point, the officer appeared to try to take the man into custody, but he backs away and is not heartily pursued. The third party candidate tries to deescalate the situation with police by asking if the man is free to go, to which the officer implied that he wanted the man to leave. It’s possible that the arrested individual was not in the right state of mind and very uncomfortable, as it was near freezing temperatures at the time that this footage was shot.

It’s unclear what the man has been charged with, and a call to Manchester’s public information unit told me that no records were accessible until Monday. The only information regarding an arrest that I have found for this date is a blog entry by presidential campaign follower Ray LeMoine posting on The author reports:

Campaigning in the state back in January (it seems like eons ago), Romney had been the fun candidate, the confident alternative to Rick Santorum; that’s when he was just developing his shtick for breaking into patriotic hymns. Now he seemed practiced, tired. Then last night he held one final rally in Manchester at the local arena with Kid Rock. Nothing makes local cops act more thuggish than being subcontracted out to the Secret Service at a Republican shindig. Outside, Manchester PD muscled around the crowd, which was made up mostly of families. Inside, I got arrested for being in a non-press area.

This entry may be referring to a separate arrest, as I never attempted to enter the venue, which was secured by Manchester police, secret service, and TSA. You can see over an hour of raw video from this evening available at Fr33manTVraw.


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