Who is Officer Pelliccia?

by Garret Ean
Nov 16 2012

What does it say about an individual that is uncomfortable sharing their first name with you? On November 5, the afternoon before the 2012 election, I was chalking around city hall in Concord when I was approached by an officer. He implied that he needed to know my name because “I got called in”, which is not a valid excuse/reasonable suspicion of any crime. I figured I would entertain him in reciprocity by first asking his name.

Ean: What’s your first name?
Pelliccia: My first name? It’s Officer Pelliccia. That, that’s how we refer to each other here.
E: You won’t give me your first name?
P: Nope.
E: Okay, well I’ll give you only my last name then. My name is Mr. Ean.

As he walked away, I told him that my name was Garret, and asked his. He only repeated, “Officer Pelliccia”.

The nice lady on the phone at the company he works for told me that his name is Andrew.


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