Bicycle Recording Ticket to See Courtroom

michael_pearl_cpdBright and early tomorrow morning in Concord district court, there will be a trial concerning Garret Ean’s year-plus old contempt of cop bicycle citation. Folks will be traveling from around the Shire to attend, and you’ll get to see Free Concord’s editor grill on the witness stand the CPD sergeant whose juvenile and brutish response to an audio recording inspired the blog’s very first article. More time has passed since the matter being heard tomorrow than passed between the first and second incidents with the badged individual in question. Expect to see the video here of the policeman’s response to tough questions about how and why he executes his job. If you need a laugh in the meantime, check out this Concord Monitor article from October quoting a particular CPD officer as he praises the approval of a BEARCAT attack truck to be delivered by Homeland Security to the small city’s department.

On the federal front, congratulations to Colorado for earlier today becoming the second state to make available to the public legal cannabis. The herb has been greatly marginalized and ignored since its ban via taxation in 1938. Washington became the first state to nullify the federal ban when it implemented a ballot initiative four days ago that was approved by voters in November. While the Washington system maintains the prohibition on cannabis cultivation, Colorado’s statute allows for individuals to garden freely (within limitations).

Dec 16 2012: Full video of the trial published earlier today.


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