State v Garret Bicycle Trial – Full Video

2012_12_16_lightOne may have noticed that a good amount of the content featured here in the past week has followed a bicycle headlamp trial endeavor of this blog’s editor, Garret Ean. The full trial video with very minimal editing has finished uploading and is now available via About 2/3 of the video’s fifty-four minute run time consists of the cross examination of detaining officer Michael Pearl. The raw videos from which the complete piece was crafted have been available since shortly after the event at Fr33manTVraw. There has been an entry featuring new media from the trial almost every day since, including coverage of the camera fiasco prior to the trial, a raw podcast segment overviewing the trial, and a visually illustrated discussion of court issues from Tuesday evening’s episode of Free Talk Live.

Dec 20 2012: And the verdict is


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3 Responses to State v Garret Bicycle Trial – Full Video

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  2. Steven Pappas says:

    Did you win?

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