Despite Dodging Truth, DHS Spokesbureaucrat Entertains Camera

by Garret Ean
Dec 19 2012

Ridley has released the second half of his ambush interview with Department of Homeland Security spokesman Aaron Snipe. Part 2 begins where the first left off, with Snipe denying that US forces tortured a taxi driver in Afghanistan to death. Ridley responds emotively when Snipe repeats, “That’s not true” with, “He wasn’t tortured to death?! He’s dead!” The suited handler, who at this time is walking in advance of Snipe calls over his shoulder, “Do you really want to respond to this?” While Snipe continues to play politician and give fluffy, pro-US policy answers, Ridley lets his frustration show but surprisingly does not cause the spokesman to flee into the camera-free zone. He2012_12_19_snipe gets another 90 seconds of dialogue, including a response noting that “President Obama has banned torture, the United States does not torture. That’s core to American foreign policy.” Text flashes on the screen interjecting that if he were thinking on his feet, he would have asked how Obama’s supposed torture ban meshes with the mistreatment of Bradley Manning.

The remainder of the video features polite security guards, and Dave considering on camera whether to conduct a second ambush interview after the closed event or consider the first complete. Walking out, he explains his reasoning. Independent of how Snipe painted roses around the empire, he maintained the utmost professionalism doing it.


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